Third Person
Third Person

latest issue - January 2019

Editorial: Colin Cummings & Phoenix Simms

Guest Authors: Andrew Bailey, Saffron Aurora, Emma Vossen, Stephanie Herdman, Sebastian Scaini, Del Nordlund, Daniel Rosen, Arman Aghbali, Dawn Davis, Gabby DaRienzo

Summary: Welcome to Third Person’s second annual Year in Review issue! A variety of community members and developers have written lists looking back on their personal top games of 2018, with the full publishing schedule found below.

Monday Jan 28

Andrew Bailey
Saffron Aurora

Thursday Jan 31

Phoenix Simms
Dawn Davis

Tuesday Jan 29

Emma Vossen
Stephanie Herdman
Sebastian Scaini
Del Nordlund

Friday Feb 1

Colin Cummings
Gabby DaRienzo

Wednesday Jan 30

Daniel Rosen
& Arman Aghbali

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