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Songs of 2017 / Cut to the Feeling

THEME: Songs of the Year 2017

Creator: Colin Cummings (Editor-in-Chief)


Each month there will be a new curated playlist from your editors here at Third Person. This month's is entitled "Cut to the Feeling", titled from a track by Carly Rae Jepsen. Put together by Editor-in-Chief Colin Cummings, this month's playlist is our top 10 songs of the year 2017. Below you'll find our ranking as well as our reasons and write-ups!

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10. Call It Off

Tegan & Sara, CHVRCHES,  Con X: Covers

It felt strange to have a end of the year music list without CHVRCHES, but then I remembered they did do a thing this year which shouldn't be slept on. The original "Call it Off" caps off the original release of The Con ten years ago and was upbeat, it was about a break-up but the initial pace and tone felt positive. A breath of fresh air, moving on and feeling free. CHVRCHES takes this and makes it darker, moodier, and immediately makes it something sadder. It almost feels like the true intention of the song, matching the original lyrics' theme of having trouble moving on. It is full of regret and feels almost dreamlike, the moment of being stuck post break-up and hesitating over the choice. We always want to believe the other person would be something we would be good at, and this cover brings that melancholy to life in a heartbreaking way.


9. Dreams Tonite

Alvvays, Antisocialites

Alvvays have this soft sound that makes them unlike anything else in music now. It feels breezy, a pop-lullaby to soothe one's soul. "Dreams Tonite", and the rest of their new album, is a strong follow-up to their original debut, even if it doesn't seem to match the original's highs. Either way, the song was a calming presence in a crazy year.


8. High Hopes

The Implications

You may not have heard of these guys but stop what you're doing and check them out. Full of energy, a fantastic bass line, and some great lyricism, this band has burst back on to the scene with this fun dance-y pop rock song. This has been one of the most fun songs that came out this year, and I found myself bopping along to it many a day. The lyrics and beat find their way into your head and I was glad for it to be stuck there.


7. Woman

Kesha, The Dap-King Horns, Rainbow

The return of Kesha in 2017 was long overdue and the feeling of this energy returning is encapsulated in "Woman". After a terrible year for many reasons, "Woman" feels like a rallying cry, a battle standard, a song that doesn't give a shit and makes one feel proud. Welcome back Kesha, it is very good to have you back. 


6. Sunscreen

Ira Wolf, The Closest Thing to Home

Here's a song that came out of nowhere for me, but stuck with me for long afterwards. Ira Wolf's incredible voice is the most striking thing on this track, but, the lyrics are the thing that sticks. It is full of yearning, a need for love and for belonging that we all feel. We can be flawed, and we have our problems, but we are all deserving of love. "Sunscreen" settles down like a warm cat in your heart, and that image alone makes it one of the best songs of the year.


5. SGL

Now, Now

After a painfully long hiatus, Now, Now have returned and delivered a classic. It feels like a far cry from songs like "Threads", but it feels like a natural maturation of their sound. It's the song that plays over a road-trip at sunset, stars appearing in the skies. It's a camp fire at night and a summer love montage. It's not the song that will take over your life, but it becomes the perfect thing to fill in the gaps.  


4. Can't Let Go

Hey Ocean!, Amsterdam/Can't Let Go

This year is all about bands coming back, and Hey Ocean! is no exception. The dual vocals of David Beckingham and Ashleigh Ball put this song above the rest. They prove once again that are masters of their trade, experimenting in genre and in sound. The guitar riff, combined with the twin call of being unable to let go plant themselves firmly in your head and make this one of the best songs of the year, and one of their best ever.


3. Cut to the Feeling

Carly Rae Jepsen

A Carly Rae Jepsen song in the top 3? From me? This crazy and unheard of.

Sarcasm aside, this is a goddamn jam. This was the song of the summer and I have sung it at the top of my lungs from my own apartment, to karaoke, more times I could count. I could go on and on about how the pop genre is being dominated by Carly, but instead I will say this song just feels good. Emotion continues to follow us and I hope there is more of it in 2018. I will continue to sing Carly's praises.


2. Hard Times

Paramore, After Laughter

I've always enjoyed Paramore, but one of their songs ending up this high came as a surprise to me. Their newest album is a departure from their pop-punk roots of old, but this 80s throwback infused with their past styles becomes a perfect anthem for 2017. This was a hard year (as many will tell you), and it's hard not to feel this song with every beat and every word. The drum beat, the call of "Hard Times", it all feels like a pick-me-up. It's like nothing else this year and is basically in a league of its own, full of style and substances behind its words.


1. Green Light

Lorde, Melodrama

The piano, the drums, Lorde's vocals, all of these parts building up and crashing together over the chorus were the sounds of this year. No song this year felt like this. Lorde created the best song she has ever made and the best song of this year. It doesn't get old, it gets better on multiple repeats, and it feels relatable in a way that is hard to pin down. I can't get over the way she says "bedroom". It feels dark and moody one moment, and becomes a cry of absolute emotion the next. I find it even hard to write about because so much of it is how it feels, but damn it feels good.

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