Welcome to Third Person


We are here to cover video games and other media with a new perspective. We’ll be looking at games both old and new, diving into stories of the games themselves and those who play and make them, and we’ll be looking at the Canadian video game landscape, focusing on developers and creators from our own backyard. All based out of Toronto, Ontario.

We will strive to create a space that is both inclusive and welcoming. Talking to people from all walks of life and asking what video games mean to them.

We’ll be looking beyond games too sometimes, whether it’s tabletop or comic books we’ll be here to talk about the things we love, and why we love them.

We are a team who are as passionate and who will help provide vastly different approachs on games and other media.

Third Person is a new perspective on video games and other media. Keep an eye out as we have some exciting plans, and we want you along for the adventure.



Colin Cummings

Growing up in a small town, going to school for graphic and web design and finally moving to Toronto, Colin began to look for a new project and landed on Third Person. He has always had a passion for video games and finally decided to do something about it. Inspired by websites like Giant Bomb, Polygon, and Waypoint, Colin has founded Third Person with the intent of covering games using a mix of the old and the new.

The early experiences were games like Lego Island, Spyro The Dragon and Pokemon Blue. From there a passion grew. Colin has been glued to E3 coverage, stayed up more times than he can count for a midnight release and has spent hundreds of hours in places like Azeroth. Now, Colin loves to dive mostly into RPGs of all kinds, exploring their worlds and developing his character. Well-crafted stories draw him in too, and he is always on the lookout for a new adventure.

When he's not spending a billion years in a game's character creator, he can be found behind his camera, reading comic books, or probably sleeping.

Some of his favorite games: Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, Alpha Protocol, Mass Effect, Overwatch, Life is Strange, Persona 4 Golden

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Kate Haines

Kate became enthusiastic about cosplay and costume in high school, which eventually lead to an education in fashion production and design. Though not all who wander are lost, Kate found herself swept up in the exciting realm of costume making, which ended up leading down an unexpected path. Through the friends she met her in hobbies, Kate discovered the diverse world of tabletop storytelling. From classic dungeons and dragons, to home-brew campaigns based on the worlds of Fallout, Avatar the Last Airbender and more.

When she’s not building her next Shadowrun character or planning how to bring about the demise of her PC’s, Kate spends her time in the air. Though even when practicing her aerial silk, she can’t help but bring a bit of her nerdiness with her. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, she’s also a 3D printing expert.

Some of her favorite games include: The Dragon Age and Mass Effect series, Fallout, Far Cry and she has a weakness for platformers such as Limbo. Currently she’s playing or running tabletop games in Dungeons and Dragons (3.5e), Shadowrun and is preparing for a game in her own unique rules set.

Instagram | Steam: lady_kate_242



Alex Marshall

During his early years, Alex played almost every major release to completion from 2004 to 2010.  Then he made the grave mistake of going to school and deciding he no longer had time for the gaming scene.  He studied history and education, devoting his life to neither and got a business degree.  Don't worry though, he's come back in from the cold and picked up a controller once again.  After hearing about his friend Colin's hot, new website, Alex saw an opportunity to reignite his passion for the medium and contribute his ideas to something special.  

Alex loves shooters, action-rpgs, and any game that rewards a deep understanding of underlying mechanics.  He appreciates games that take risks and are willing to provide a tight, linear story-telling experience.  Accordingly, he loathes the empty open worlds of the modern big-budget game.  

In real life Alex is a Market and Process Analyst for a Mortgage Investment Corporation - thankfully he won't be writing about that. When he isn't getting lost in spreadsheets or on his bike, Alex can usually be found at his desk playing games, consuming more television criticism than actual TV and generally being snobby about beer and wine.  

Some of his favourite games: Halo 3, Bastion, The Last of Us, World of Warcraft, Mark of the Ninja, Mario Kart Double Dash!! (It's the best one.  You know it to be true).

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Craig Jay

As an avid Sony fan, Craig has had every PlayStation console since the late 90’s. His first memory of gaming was actually the first Grand Theft Auto in 1998 on PC, when he was certainly underage but since then, he was hooked.

During the early 00s Craig has fond memories of playing every single Pokémon game whenever and wherever he could, and discussing the first Harry Potter on PS1 in explicit detail during school hours. Gaming was a big part of his childhood which has never really apparated (Harry Potter spell – sorry). 

Craig now, has two passions, Video Editing and Video Games, he has barely tried the two hand in hand until Third Person but he is excited to get experimenting. When he is not working part time at Starbucks, he is a film editor and a TV obsessive, so he has a real passion for storytelling and that is what, he thinks, makes an incredible game.

Some of his favorite games: Half Life 2, Portal 2, The Uncharteds, The Pokémons, Burnout 4, The Last of Us, The Kingdom Hearts, Call of Duty Zombies, Unreal Tournament 2004, The Grand Theft Autos, Crash Bandicoot.

PSN: craigjay


Mike Blais

When Mike was the ripe. impressionable age of 4, his dad brought a Sega Genesis home from work. In order to keep up the ruse that this console was, in fact, for young Michael, Papa Blais was forced to buy Sonic 2 and let his son play it for a reasonable amount of time. Historians would later point to this as the catalyst for ruining Mike's life.

As the years progressed, Mike's love for console and PC games grew. Whether it was his pink [berry!!!!!!] gameboy color, the PSOne that symbolized his first purchase with his own money, or the Xbox his parents were guilted into getting him because one of his friends bought him Star Wars: KOTOR, Mike was constantly enthralled with playing anything and everything he could get his hands on. Rumor has it he even had to construct an elaborate Powerpoint presentation in order to convince his parents to let him play Halo before he turned 15. For him, games span a variety of purposes: from simple time-burners, all the way to vast escapist experiences, he has a story for just about every genre and subset of game imaginable. The strongest of these stories are the ones forged with other people, stories that come from the social experience that even a single player game can be.

Now a corporate business sellout, Mike spends all of his time tweeting and fixing his tie in the mirror. When he's not working on trying to get cast as Peter Parker in the next Spider-Man reboot, he enjoys playing Overwatch, Hearthstone, sports games of all types, Destiny, WoW, and whatever else his friends con him into purchasing and playing with them.


Logan West

From a young age, Logan knew he was destined for heroism and greatness, and that his life would be filled with harrowing adventures, melodrama, and overall bad-assery. Boy, was he wrong. Lost and adrift in a sea of normalcy and reality, Logan turned to video games, life's greatest compromise, for direction and balance.

There, he found worlds filled with untamed, lush forests, whose winding paths held stories of travelers even more untamed and lush. He took a trip to the stars, to worlds beyond ours where the boundaries of reality were pushed by exotic new sights. He met wonderful and strange people and creatures, whose words held impactful knowledge, whose stories forged lasting memories. He saved a world, rebuilt a town, destroyed another, lifted a curse, cured a plague, put out a fire, lit a flame, turned everything green, blew up a ship, shipped a package and kicked a chicken. It is easy, with so many colourful tasks to complete, to distract oneself from a boring life using video games, they are escapism realized. This is why it is most fortuitous that from all the video-game-playing, Logan gained perspective.

After spending a lot of time learning about life in virtual worlds, he decided to make his real life more interesting and fulfilling. He currently studies people, information, and crime, in hopes that one day he may find himself in a position to use that information to stop crime and help people. Logan hopes that his new found perspective on real life can work backwards too, to help him talk about video games in a way that helps others see things differently.

Loves: Bethesda games, guitar, a really good sandwich
Likes: Most RPG and open world games, League of Legends, Overwatch, mediocre sandwiches



Kira Metcalfe

It took two failed attempts to get into a Fashion Design program, and a year of Poli-Sci, for Kira to realize that she was going about life all wrong. After all, her earliest, happiest memories were of reading and writing. So, she hastily transferred to the English Department. After five long years she earned a BA in English Literature.

When faced with all the possibilities of what to do next, Kira began honing her writing and editorial skills she developed in university. She is now building a freelance portfolio, and devoting time to multiple projects, including Third Person.

Kira enjoys most forms of literature, and her favourite novels include Han Nolan's Dancing on the Edge, Lois Lowry's Gathering Blue, and most recently Paula Hawkins' The Girl on the Train. She is also a severe cinephile, for both traditional and new media. Her current favourites are Fx's Legion, and anything Casey Neistat does.

When not reading or watching, you can find Kira playing the violin, and taking scenic pictures at the beach.

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Nicholas Edwards

Nick's fascination with everything gaming began when he made the surprisingly easy choice to go with Bulbasaur to start off his Pokemon adventure. The snowball effect continued when he got his first console, the Nintendo 64 (which he reluctantly had to share with his siblings.) His first big gaming accomplishment was throwing that lousy Bowser into the bombs in the final stage and saving the elusive Princess Peach. From there he met his next challenge, one that would quickly become, and continue to be, his favourite game of all time. The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time.

Just like the video game industry has evolved, so have Nick's taste in games. He is now a dedicated League of Legends player. Boasting a season high ranking of Platinum 3, and a salt level just as high, Nick continues to develop his experience in MOBA's by climbing the ranks in Blizzard's Heroes of The Storm.

When Nick isn't raging at noobs on Summoner's Rift, you can find him sipping iced coffees and probably playing some other game. Sometimes he gets off the couch to participate in a dodgeball league, or goes for walks and stuff.

Some of his favourite games : The Legend of Zelda Series (Ocarina of Time <3) The Pokemon Series, Heavy Rain, League of Legends, Ogre Battle 64, The Last of Us, Fallout 4, Final Fantasy 8 and 10, The Elder Scrolls Series.