The Third Person Podcast / Episode 2

Welcome to The Third Person Podcast! In this episode we get to know two more editors! We also chat about Final Fantasy 15 and nostalgia, Heroes of the Storm compared to League of Legends, the Telltale formula, the Prey demo, apathy for Call of Duty WW2, and confusion on the amount of 3DSes. Also: Colin's mind is blown about some pronunciation, Alex convinces us to watch the Leftovers, and the crew come up with a new bleak segment.

Correction: Mario Kart 8 for Switch is the fastest selling game in the franchise, having a larger launch than the Wii U game but the Wii U's lifetime sales are still higher.

Time stamps: Prey demo (5:52), Heroes of the Storm (10:13), Final Fantasy 15 and the series (15:48), The-at-rhythm (39:15), Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy and other series (43:07), News! (50:55), Extra Stuff (1:08:15)

Music: "Introduction" by Lifeformed, licensed through Creative Commons, used with permission.
Staff: Colin Cummings (EiC), Alex Marshall (E), Nicholas Edwards (E)

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