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For this edition of Local Spotlight, be sure to check out our special episode of "Third Person Presents" where we chat all about our experience at Black Creek Pioneer Village!

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Venture forth to Black Creek, a village that is under the shadow of a dark spell. In groups of six, scour the village to find and the stop of the source of the curse that has laid this village low. You will encounter dark things and ancient spells in your journey to break the curse. Cultists will be ever present to dissuade you from your goal, standing just beyond the edge of your lantern light, working to herald the return of a dark force.

Different from a standard "escape room", you will explore the entire village instead of one lone room, and solve a variety of puzzles on the course of the your adventure. Keep an eye on the time though, as the sun sets the evil grows stronger and closer to its goal.


Delicious baked goods as mentioned on podcast

Delicious baked goods as mentioned on podcast

I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting from “Where Dark Things Dwell”, I didn’t have any escape room experience before this so I don’t really have a base to compare it to. All that aside it was an excellent time, the puzzles were a great challenge, the atmosphere was carefully curated from the moment we stepped on site. Everything was very well put together and set up perfectly, so the game was equally fun, challenging and delightfully creepy. For ninety minutes we were in a different world, an eerie cultist riddled world full of challenge and with the looming threat of a timer winding down in the back of our minds. Though I think my tolerance for scary things may be a bit higher than some of the others on the team, that or I just laugh in the face of fear (quite literally to be honest)


Axe throwing via Farshot Recreation

Axe throwing via Farshot Recreation

Having never done an escape room before, I wasn't sure what to expect going into "Where The Dark Things Dwell". I was rewarded with a unique experience shrouded in mystery and atmosphere. The puzzles proved to be very tricky and challenged our entire group, and solving them was a rush of excitement. The feeling of, "Oh! It's this!" and looking at a puzzle in a new way was constant and provided a great sense of accomplishment. On the edges, the village was the perfect backdrop for the story. As the sun set, and only a lantern to guide our way, the cultists that loomed in the darkness helped to add to the sense of urgency for our mission. Ultimately, my biggest complaint was that I wanted more of it. They created a great setting and plot, that I wanted to get lost in it even more.

Secret City Adventures are doing great things out at Black Creek, and elsewhere in Toronto! Working with companies like Farshot as well, they are helping to create unique experiences that are definitely worth exploring. As mentioned by Logan on the podcast, these "escape room" games are video games come to life, allowing us to interact and puzzle solve in a way that games will never let us do. The feeling of solving that puzzle that is directly in your hands, and scouring over a map to physically find clues is rewarding. Thanks again to Secret City for inviting us out, and we look forward to their future endeavours!

Where: Black Creek Pioneer Village, 1000 Murray Ross Pkwy, North York ON, M3J 2P3

When: July through October (Nov weather pending), Fri, Sat, Sun

Tickets5:45pm and 8:45pm, $32+HST (General), $25+HST (Student)

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