The Third Person Podcast / Episode 15

Featured Guests

Sagan Yee & Al Donato

In today's episode we are joined by special guests Sagan Yee and Al Donato of The Hand Eye Society! We get the ball rolling immediately and talk about A MAZE Festival, Twin Peaks, SWERY, XCOM 2, Breath of the Wild, Mario + Rabbids, "real-life" games, Game Curious, Localhost, Hand Eye Society's programs and I would say more but that mostly covers it. The is the first part of a Local Spotlight coming soon about The Hand Eye Society.
The other title option for this episode was: "The requisite sociopathic dissociation from humanity."

The game Al mentioned: Window Washers
Music: "Introduction" by Lifeformed, licensed through Creative Commons, used with permission.
Staff: Colin Cummings (EiC), Logan West (ME), Sagan Yee (Guest), Al Donato (Guest)

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