The Third Person Podcast / Episode 27


Special Guest

Penelope Evans

Arc Symphony, Localhost / Aether Interactive

In today's episode we speak to special guest Penelope Evans! The conversation immediately goes off the rails and we end up in the weeds. We chat Sims 1, Arc Symphony, Localhost, Wikipedia vandalism, games from growing up, and finally we chat about her games of 2017:

Penelope's Games of 2017

  • Butterfly Soup - Brianna Lei

  • A Morticians Tale - Laundry Bear Games

  • Royals - Asher Vollmer

  • Forgotten - Sophia Park & Arielle Grimes

  • Overwatch - Blizzard Entertainment

Music: "Introduction" by Lifeformed, licensed through Creative Commons, used with permission.
Hosts: Colin Cummings, Penelope Evans

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