The Third Person Podcast / E3 2018

Runner Up: Assassin's Creed: Odyssey (Ubisoft)


Special Guests

Gabby DaRienzo & Yifat Shaik

Editor-in-Chief Colin Cummings and editor Jen Stienstra chat with local community members Gabby DaRienzo and Yifat Shaik about all things E3 2018. They gush about buff ladies, queer representation, and boats. They are less enthusiastic about the lack of Animal Crossing, corporate acquisitions, spec work, news out of CDPR and Naughty Dog, and how every game seems to be Guild Wars now. 

Editor's note: Levels are a bit all over the place this episode, sorry for some spikes! I recommend keeping this one turned down a bit.

Timestamps: Square Enix (2:58), Electronic Arts (24:25), Nintendo (45:34), Bethesda (58:30), Ubisoft (1:21:44), Microsoft (1:56:30), PC Games (2:25:22), Sony (2:29:35) 

List of (most) of the games we talk about. 

Music: "Introduction" by Lifeformed, licensed through Creative Commons, used with permission.
Hosts: Colin Cummings, Jen Stienstra, Gabby DaRienzo, Yifat Shaik

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