Game Dev Diaries / TOJam 13

Welcome to Third Person's "Game Dev Diaries"! These are mini podcast episodes, bite-sized and (mostly) recorded directly from the source! In this first installment, Editor-in-Chief Colin Cummings sits down to talk with a variety of game developers from multiple disciplines and experiences at the Toronto Game Jam to speak about what they made, their creative process, and more.

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Music: "Fifty FPS Forest" by Lifeformed, licensed through Creative Commons, used with permission.


Game Dev Diary #1

Shrunken Studios

Nikki October, Griffin Epstein, Bryan Depuy, Sam October

Talking Points: Rune Everything, the magic of language, inspirations

All photography done by  Brendan Lynch

All photography done by Brendan Lynch


Game Dev Diary #2

Game Composer and Sound Designer

Jake Butineau

Talking Points: Deciding song length, marketing music, designing sound effects using your mouth

(Sound and art floaters at TOJam 13, Jake is bottom right!)

(Sound and art floaters at TOJam 13, Jake is bottom right!)


Game Dev Diary #3

Donut Forget Me

Braydon Beaulieu, Patrick Greatbatch, Kat Pavlova, Mic Fok (not on the recording!), Jonathan Levstein

Talking points: Maudelyn's Quest, match three games, staying organized in the jam chaos



Game Dev Diary #4

GIF Peanut Butter

Yani Wang, James Pratt, Justin Capcap, Michael Arcadi, Keana Almario, Jennifer Stienstra

Talking Points: Appeeling Personality, game dev schooling, future dreams and goals


Be sure to keep an eye out on the site for a full article on Toronto Game Jam, as well as an interview with organizers Tabby & Jeff Rose.

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