Game Dev Diaries / Damage Camp 2018

Welcome to Third Person's "Game Dev Diaries"! These are mini podcast episodes, bite-sized and (mostly) recorded directly from the source! In this third installment, Managing Editor Phoenix Simms sits down to talk with a variety of game developers and community members from multiple disciplines and experiences at Damage Camp 2018 to speak about their games, their creative process, and more.

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Music: "Fifty FPS Forest" by Lifeformed, licensed through Creative Commons, used with permission.


Game Dev Diary #6

Matilde Park & Penelope Evans

Aether Interactive

Talking Points: Sol Hemochroma, Aether’s future, Subserial Network



Game Dev Diary #7

Alex Bull

Kitfox Games

Talking Points: Boyfriend Dungeon, Kitfox’s fanbase, dating in games



Game Dev Diary #8

Andi McClure

Mermaid Industries

Talking points: Virtual Reality: developing for, problems in


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