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A new perspective on Toronto game development and the stories our city is telling.

Third Person was founded with the ideals of exploring video games through the stories and individuals in our own city. The goal is to elevate games discourse, to investigate the stories they tell and the ones they have created. By talking to developers and community members, we will provide insight into making games and those behind them. Third Person always strives to be inclusive and to give everyone a voice.

We will look at modern game releases, older games and everything in between. We are dedicated to approaching games and media with an open mind, and we will explore their worlds and take you, the reader, on the journey with us. Through articles, spotlights on local creators/events, podcast episodes, and long form discussion on the industry, Third Person will be bringing you content on Toronto, and the community and business found here.




Colin Cummings

Growing up in a small town, going to school for graphic and web design and finally moving to Toronto, Colin began to look for a new project and landed on Third Person. He has always had a passion for video games and finally decided to do something about it. Inspired by websites like Giant Bomb, Polygon, and Waypoint, Colin has founded Third Person with the intent of covering games using a mix of the old and the new.

The early experiences were games like Lego Island, Spyro The Dragon and Pokemon Blue. From there a passion grew. Colin has been glued to E3 coverage, stayed up more times than he can count for a midnight release and has spent hundreds of hours in places like Azeroth. Now, Colin loves to dive mostly into RPGs of all kinds, exploring their worlds and developing his character. Well-crafted stories draw him in too, and he is always on the lookout for a new adventure.

When he's not spending a billion years in a game's character creator, he can be found behind his camera, reading comic books, or probably sleeping.

Some of his favorite games: Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, Alpha Protocol, Mass Effect, Overwatch, Life is Strange, Persona 4 Golden, Mirror's Edge

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Alex Marshall, Glen Mullan, Craig Jay, Kira Metcalfe, Nicholas Edwards, Sam Houpt, Mike Blais,
John Marshall, Heather Marshall, Braydon Beaulieu, Samantha Cook, Kate Haines, Logan West, Sophia Park


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